10 Things to Sort Moving into a New Flat!


  1. Written agreement:A written and signed formal tenancy agreement between tenant and landlord to specify the lengths and terms of the tenancy.
  2. Bond:An upfront refundable payment on the rental, which you’ll get returned when you move, provided the property is undamaged and your rent is all paid.
  3. Rent in advance:Any upfront rent payments, deposits, as required by the landlord – this is normally 2-3 weeks rent in advance.
  4. Fees:Though letting fees have been banned as of 12 December 2018, other fees may apply.
  5. Insurance:It’s recommended that you arrange renters or contents insurance for your belongings, the landlord takes care of property insurance.
  6. Property inspection:A recorded property inspection between yourself and your landlord, including photographs of any existing damage and any furniture and whiteware provided.
  7. Services:Connection of services such as power, gas and phone/internet.
  8. Whiteware & furniture:Purchase or hire of whiteware and/or furniture.
  9. Flatmates:Finding other flatmates (if applicable).
  10. Emergency contacts:A list of phone numbers for in an emergency to reach either the landlord, their property manager or approved tradespeople.