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Most real estate agents spend the majority of their time and effort on their sales business. This means that their property management clients are typically treated to second tier service.

At Whittle Knight & Ltd our property management team is dedicated to property management and looking after your needs. We are managed independently from the sales team, but are still able to call on the sales professionals when you are looking to buy or sell investment properties.

This means we are focused 100% on providing you with outstanding property management services.

If you are comparing Property Management Companies, we highly recommend you interview a staff member from each company – we have published a few questions we believe are particularly relevant to your decision – please read Property Leasing Questions – Comparing Companies.


We understand what it means to be an investment property owner. We understand that to maximise the return on your property you need a professional property manager. You need a property manager that understands your portfolio and who understands what is important to you.

We fully understand that you are trusting us with an asset worth many hundreds of thousands of dollars, we understand the importance of your rent being paid on time and in full, we understand that you want to minimise outlays while maximising your income, we understand the importance of keeping you informed.


We use industry leading property management systems.

Our team consists of highly experienced professionals with many years of property management experience.

We consistently invest in training and technology to ensure that our team are industry leaders and able to offer superior service to our owners at all times.


Portfolio Management – You are assigned one property manager, who looks after every aspect of the management of your property – letting, maintenance, rent arrears and inspections to name a few. This way you have one contact person, who can update you at all times – there is no shuffling you from one person dealing with maintenance, another for letting the property, and yet another for account enquiries.

We understand that you need to be kept aware of all developments affecting your property. We do this several ways.

We provide you with a detailed inspection report, for every inspection we complete.
You will have access to our monthly newsletter keeping you abreast of the latest developments that may impact you or your investment.
Finally, our property management team are all held accountable for keeping you informed at all times. It is regularly reinforced in our training sessions and documented in the procedures that we operate by.

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