With the winter season quickly approaching, now is a good time to make sure your rental property is ready to face the colder weather conditions. Here are a few simple winter maintenance tips:

  • Cut back any vegetation that immediately surrounds the property that might be preventing sun from getting in and therefore contributing to mould build up to walls and ceilings.
  • Cleaning of gutters and downpipes. A standard three bedroom house is $120-$130 including GST and $140-$210 for a two storey house. The prices can vary for two storey houses due to the technicality of the job with height safety etc. Sometimes if it is a really technical job we will give you a quote first.
  • Annual servicing of heatpumps/pellet fires/gas fires and log burners.
  • Insulation!!! Heatpumps and log burners work far more efficiently with insulation. Whilst it may not be possible to insulate internal walls, check the ceiling and underfloor insulation and get this upgraded to meet the new legislation which comes into effect soon. A number of companies offer good deals at the moment.
  • Curtains – lined curtains with enclosed tracks are the best option for reducing heat loss through windows. Consider upgrading your curtains during April and May.
  • Heatpumps are a very efficient way to heat your home – for every $1 of electricity you get up to $4 worth of heat!! If you don’t already have a heatpump or two in your property(ies), then look to invest in one.

Contact your Property Manager today to have a chat about getting these organised.