All residential rental homes in New Zealand are now required to have insulation by July 2019. The new RTA regulations will require landlords to install insulation in accordance with the insulation standard NZS 4246. Landlords will also be required to provide a statement on the tenancy agreement about the location, type and condition of insulation in the rental home.

What we at Whittle Knight & Boatwood Ltd are doing about this:

There are many companies out there that can advise on insulation. Ideally they inspect the property and report on the current existing insulation, and what would need to be done to ensure that the property complies with the new standards.

In order to know the extent of the current insulation and what must be done to bring it up to compliance, we will be engaging the services of Smart Energy Solutions to assess all of our properties. The initial consultation, involving the current assessment of the property, will cost you $50 + GST.

You may choose to install the required insulation yourself, or you may get a professional to do so, or you can speak to your Property Manager about organising Smart Energy Solutions to do so, the choice is yours, but the point to remember is that you will have to carry out the work required as outlined in the report. However, as you have till July 2019 to do this, and depending on how much work may be required, you may want to consider spreading the cost over this period of time by doing some each financial year.

Although landlords have until 1 July 2019 to bring all insulation to compliance, from 1 July 2016 on all new tenancies entered into, we must include the state of the current insulation on the Tenancy Agreement.

A Certificate of Compliance will be required on all properties by 1 July 2019 to verify that they meet the required standard of insulation. One would assume that all brand new properties (less than 10 years old) should already comply with these proposed new standards.

Special Offer From Smart Energy Solutions:

80% subsidy until the end of June for rental properties which have tenants who have a valid Community Services Card, have someone in the home under 17 or over 65 years of age, or have a valid health condition which would benefit from a well insulated house. Homes have to be built pre-2000. Contact Blair at Smart Energy Solutions on 022 043 5133 or your Property Manager to discuss further.

Insulation – a real story…

One of our Property Managers Sophie recently had Smart Energy Solutions come to her own house to advise on what she could do to make her house drier and warmer. Based on their recommendations she had more ceiling insulation installed (whilst there were existing Pink Batts, they were old and depressed down to a thin layer – the installation of a Mammoth ‘blanket’ has certainly helped), as well as underfloor insulation and a ground vapour barrier installed. Gone is the musty mouldy smell that is often typical of older homes. Now Sophie has a much warmer and drier home, particularly in the morning when there is no condensation on her single glazed windows (whereas before it was necessary to wipe down the windows each morning). A real story with great results – let’s try to replicate this with our rental properties.

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