Moving in Tips & Tricks  

Once all the moving preparations have been made, all the arduous moving tasks have been taken care of and everything has gone more or less according to plan on moving day, you finally find yourself in your new home, surrounded by piles of boxes, tired and glad that your relocation is about to end.

To fully complete your moving adventure however, you need to unpack your belongings and make your new place feel like home. But now to even begin unpacking?

First things first –

No matter how much you want to get it over and done with as soon as possible, there are several important things to do before they can actually start unpacking.

  1. Clean and prepare your new home: It’s easier to wipe down shelves, clean windows, and mop floors before your belongings have been put in place. Make sure your home to be is spotless when your items arrive. If you can’t get into your new place early enough to do a thorough cleaning, consider hiring professional cleaners to do the job for you.
  2. Inspect and organise your belongings: Check all the delivered boxes and household items against your inventory list to make sure nothing has been damaged or missing. Then have each of your possessions taken to the room where it belongs. If everything was properly marked and labeled, sorting your items will be a piece of cake.
  3. Open your box of essentials: There should be tools, toiletries, clothes, medicines, packed food, kitchenware and other ‘lifesavers’ first. Then you will always be prepared while unpacking the rest of your belongings.
  4. Set major furniture and appliances: Position your largest furniture pieces of bulky household appliances first. Then you can put any smaller items you unpack later directly in their rightful places. Plan your interior design well in advance so you don’t end up moving heavy pieces around several times.

Tackle the necessities –  

What meters most when unpacking your items after a move is ensuring that your essentials are immediately accessible. So prioritise your belongings, and unpack only the necessities first.


You may not be able to unpack the entire bedroom straight away, but you will definitely have to set up the bed the day you move into your new home. Reassemble it (if necessary), lay down sheets, unpack pillows and spread the blankets so you can have a good night’s rest – you are going to need it.

Provided that you have a change of clothes and some comfortable indoor shoes (as well as curtains on your windows for privacy), the rest of your bedroom items can wait until you find the time and energy to deal with them.


Without a doubt, your personal care items, toiletries and medicines should top the list of the most important to unpack after your move. Put out the toilet paper and soap, find your toothbrush and toothpaste, hand towels and the shower curtain, and unpack any other bathroom essentials you may need in order to refresh yourself and wash away the stresses of moving.


You may have brought some food with you, or you are waiting to finish your relocation to stock up. Either way, you are going to need a fully operational kitchen as soon as possible to prepare healthy, homemade meals for yourself and/or your family.

Kitchens tend to take a very long time to unpack and organise properly due to the large number of items that need to be sorted out and carefully arranged.

As soon as you have hooked up your large appliances, such as the fridge and the stove, move on to your smaller kitchenware. Plates, silverware, and glasses should be the first to find their places in cupboards and kitchen cabinets, closely followed by cooking utensils, pots and pans and pantry items.

Finishing up –

When you’ve unpacked the three most essential rooms in your home (bedroom, bathroom & kitchen) everything else can wait a bit. There are no deadlines to meet, so you can set your own pace when unpacking and decorating – just unpack in order of priority and try not to procrastinate.

If you stay organised, set reasonable mini goals and complete them promptly. Clean after every unpacking phase, and dispose of the packing materials in a safe and eco – friendly manner, your new surroundings will soon stop looking like a warehouse full of boxes and start feeling like your home.

If you have fun in the process – listen to your favourite music, invite your friends over for a helping hand – the unpacking endeavor may turn out to be much easier than you first expected.