Letting Fees

This is a very topical subject throughout New Zealand and Christchurch at the moment. Lots of discussion on owners paying these fees rather than the tenants. The government are very keen to remove this cost from the tenants. To be fair, property management in New Zealand has been one of the very few countries to charge the tenant for this service, when really the associated costs belong to the landlord.

As many of you would know, our nearest neighbour, Australia (regardless of state or territory), charges owners for the letting fee, the same for the UK and USA. We don’t see it as a big issue, we see it as a cost of doing business, but once we have clearer decisions and timeframes from the government, we will let you know what we will be doing going forward.


Thinking of purchasing another Christchurch investment property?

Perhaps you have another property that would like us to look after for you, or maybe you have a friend or family who needs to have their investment property managed?

Contact Kelly Lang from our office. Kelly is our New Business Development Manager – she’d be happy to have a look at the property to give you an idea of what it would rent for, be it one that you are looking to purchase or currently have.

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