It’s now less than 12 months till 1st July 2019 when it becomes compulsory for ALL Residential rental properties in New Zealand to be insulated, where possible, to meet legislative requirements. This applies to Ceiling and Underfloor insulation, wall insulation is not compulsory. As we are located in Zone 3 the minimal R-values for Ceilings R3.3 and Underfloor R1.3. Failure to meet these requirements may result in fines up to the value of $4000.00. It is compulsory for all Tenancy Agreements to include a statement on Insulation. After 1 July 2019, there will be audit checks carried out by MBIE to check that properties comply. If you have been putting this off, you now have less than 12 months to comply. Contact your property manager to ask her to proceed with a quote you may have already received (although the price may have increased depending on when the quote was first arranged), or to arrange one. Read More..


Yes it’s July but the advertising of student properties is already appearing online. We are in the middle of sorting student rents for next year and finding out who’s staying and going. If you have a student property(ies), your property manager will soon be in contact with you, if she hasn’t already. We expect to have all our student properties advertised for rent, for next year, by the 27th July. As with all our advertised properties, they appear online on our website, and We know that students are very legislative savvy and will be particularly interested in knowing what the current levels of insulation are before applying for a property, so if you have a student property and you are still to give the go ahead for insulation, now would be a good time to get on to this. If you have friends or family members that have student properties who are looking to have their properties managed, now is the time they should be contacting us so that we can get everything in place for the peak time of availability. Tell them to call Kelly on 03484149 or 021846162 and if they mention that you referred them, and we are successful with taking on the management, expect to receive a gift!!