As we approach the middle of the year, and our cooler seasons, its timely to remember to heed the suggestion of your property manager and get:

  • Gutters cleaned
  • Heatpumps serviced (annually is often recommended)
  • Logburners serviced
  • Gas fires serviced
  • Pellet fires serviced
  • Garden tidy ups

We encourage preventative maintenance so have a chat with your property manager today

We are often asked why does one property rent faster than an another?

There are lots of reasons but price/age/condition and location of the property factor in to this decision. Present and price the property correctly and you are likely to lease it in the best possible time frame. There is still quite a lot of competition in Christchurch with over 1000 properties available on trademe for rent – in order to be competitive the rent must be on market, otherwise you do run the risk of the property taking longer to rent.


Tick Tick Tick – 1st July 2019 is getting closer. Don’t get caught out – if you are one of the handful of owners still to carry out your insulation requirements – please get on to this NOW!