With under 3 months to go to 1st July – it is so very important to get all your insulation sorted NOW!!!


YOU MUST COMPLY BY JULY!!! There can be no excuses or delays – the fines will be enforced – so we are doing everything we can to help those remaining few owners get the insulation to their properties installed in time.


Time to study:

The Property Management team at Whittle Knight & Boatwood Ltd are hitting the books!! All the property managers are studying towards their NZQA Residential Property Management Qualification – this is a relatively new qualification that we are very keen to achieve. All going well, we will be finished before Christmas and will all be qualified. We believe in continuous training – this is something that sets up apart from most agencies or property management companies. As many of you would recall from days gone by, Property Management used to be regulated, but that changed in 2008 when the government deregulated the industry and it wasn’t necessary anymore for property managers or anyone operating a property management company to be qualified, licensed, or even maintain a trust account. We believe firmly in bringing back regulation to the industry, and we will be doing all we can to help make this happen. A regulated industry provides a higher level of professionalism for both owners and tenants.


Don’t forget if you have other properties you would like managed, or if you are thinking of purchasing another investment property, contact Kelly on 021846162 for up to date rental advice and assessment.


Wishing everyone a happy and safe Easter