7 Questions to ask when flat hunting:

So, you and your mates have found an epic flat and you want to move in? Sweet! Don’t start picking rooms just yet though – we’ve put together some things to consider to make sure the flat is a good fit for you:

When you move into a new place, buying furniture and homeware is a one-off cost you may be happy to pay for, but it’s worthwhile checking to see what’s included before you sign up. If there’s no washing machine (and mum and dad aren’t just around the corner) you may need to consider the costs of using a laundromat.

Potential parking costs are a biggie if you’ve got a car, or if you’re planning on bussing or taking the train, make sure you look into the time and cost of your daily commute.

When choosing a flat, think about what it will be like to live there year-round. We all know New Zealand winters can be cold, so if the property doesn’t get any sun and isn’t well insulated you could be in for some costly heating bills or some damp chilly nights.

Some questions to ask:

  1. Does the property come furnished or unfurnished?
  2. What whiteware (eg. washing machine, dryer, refrigerator etc) is included?
  3. Is it close to transport? Shops? University? The local watering hole?
  4. Is there a garage or on-street parking available?
  5. Does the property get morning or afternoon sun?
  6. Is it weather-proofed? Is it insulated? Are there any known leaks?
  7. Is the property energy efficient?