Whittle Knight & Boatwood How to get your bond back at the end of your tenancy.

Despite what some tenants may think, Property Managers are not out to make the bond inspection difficult, they want tenants to get their bonds back quickly after the tenancy has ended. Therefore we thought of six tips to help you as a tenant to get your bond back at your tenancy.

       1.Review the rental agreement and lease terms.

When signing a new lease for a property be sure to fully understand what is expected from you in order to have a good bond inspection at the end of your tenancy.

       2.Encourage your tenants to know their tenant rights about bonds

To know what is legally allowed and expected from them, will result in less conflict at the end of the tenancy.

        3. Ingoing Condition Report

Prior to you moving in, the Property Manager will conduct a full ingoing condition report of the rental property.  They will document and photograph the condition of all appliances, doors, windows, plumbing fixtures, lights, and the overall cleanliness of the property. Read through the report and make the necessary additional relevant comments to prevent any confusion at the end of the tenancy. This will need to be done within a couple of days of moving into the property.

     4.Clearly document anything that is reported broken or needing maintenance during tenancy.

It is your responsibility as a tenant to keep your Property Manager informed of any damage or maintenance that occurred during the tenancy. A leaking tap could result in major damage that you could be liable for as you intentionally did not do anything to prevent more damage.

      5. 3-month inspections.

We all hate those 3 month inspections, but they will help less disappointment at the end of your tenancy. As your Property Manager will inspect your property every 3 month, they will give you feedback on what you can do to keep the property in a good condition.

      6. Vacate checklist

Prior to tenants vacating we will always send them a vacate checklist of what will be expected of them for a smooth bond inspection.

These tips will help both tenants and Property Managers for stress free bond inspections.