Justine Heyward

Property Manager.

Qualified to a significant level in Property Management, and with a number of years in the role, Justine has also experienced at a personal level, the pressures and exacting standards that being a good landlord entails. As an investor herself, she is well aware of the changing nature of the property market and the realities of managing long and short term assets.

In providing a service to others, Justine believes that having peace of mind is a major reason that people choose to employ a property manager. Providing positive relationships between landlord and tenant is part of the constructive role of the property manager. Dealing with issues which occur in any number of ways requires a thorough knowledge of the Residential Tenancies Act, and an ability to deal with enquiries in a thorough and organised way.

Providing a good fit between tenants and their requirements in a residence is a component of the job which Justine enjoys. Letting properties, conducting inspections, arranging maintenance and providing a smooth connection between landlord and tenant is all part of the personal satisfaction she finds in this work.

Being a family firm, Whittle Knight and Boatwood provides Justine with a warm, convivial, and community minded context within which to operate. Conversely, her considerable skillset is appreciated by them and together the team provide an outstanding service in Christchurch for owners and renters alike.

Justine has completed the SKILLS New Zealand Certificate for Residential Property Management.


Justine Heyward
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Work:03 348 4149

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