Tania Ellis

Manager, Property Management Division.

Beginning her career in Australia in the mid 1980s, Tania now uses her extensive property management skills to lead Whittle Knight and Boatwood’s property management team. Within her role Tania oversees the portfolio of properties to ensure that all aspects of property management are carried out.

In addition to her considerable international and domestic experience, Tania also brings to her role a passion for providing outstanding customer service and a range of skills including negotiation, dispute resolution and the essential ability to match clients with the right property. Tania loves working with people from diverse backgrounds and uses her excellent customer relationship management skills to maximum advantage in her role.

With many years of experience Tania has also recently completed the new SKILLS New Zealand Certificate for Residential Property Management.

“Whittle Knight and Boatwood are committed to making the process of renting and managing a property a positive experience for everyone involved. I am extremely confident that my team has the knowledge, skills and expertise to deliver on that promise. So, I welcome your enquiries, no matter how small. Now that you have found the professionals, I’d love to hear from you. Take the next step and contact me now!”

Tania Ellis
Mobile:027 657 7765
Work:03 348 4149

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